My thoughts on some current issues

So today I’m going to be talking about a topic that has been bothering me a lot in the book loving community recently. It has really been a hot button topic in recent months, and some parts of it are understandable, but some people take it to an extreme that it doesn’t need to be taken to; and this topic is diversity in literature.

I will be the first person to say that we need more diversity, more representation, and it has been becoming more common. It brightens my day to see people represented and see everyone getting the recognition they deserve in literature and other forms of media. Everyone, EVERYONE, deserved to see themselves represented. They deserve to have stories that they can relate to. They deserve to have books that represent them in positive ways.

However, there are people who have taken this to an extreme. They have trash talked authors, they have trash talked books, and they have shamed other readers for reading books they don’t approve of. These days it seems that if an author doesn’t include a POC or someone in the LGBTQ they are immediately condemned. What people need to understand is that this book is the author’s brain child, it is the creation of the author. They are not obligated to represent you and trash talking them for not doing so is, to be frank, childish.

You, as a reader, do not have to support the author if you do not want to. No one puts a gun to your head and makes you buy the books they write, but let me tell you what really starts to piss me off. When you shame others for reading these books. When you tell others want they can and can’t read. That is a huge problem for me. People are entitled to form their own opinions, and you have no right to shame them for choosing to do so. People are free to read the books of their choosing. I hate seeing adults shame younger member of the community for reading books they don’t approve of. We should offer guidance, we should never make anyone feel bad for what they read. If you are an ADULT you should never shame a younger member of the community for wanting to form their own opinion.

Another issue with this that I’ve ran into that makes me want to scream is when someone interprets a book differently than someone else and then processed to tell the other that they are wrong and bigoted. If there is anything left up to interpretation, if someone doesn’t view the book in the same way you do, it is not a reason to be cruel to them. We have the freedom to form our own opinions. There are hundreds of ways some novels can be interpreted. Not everyone is always going to view a novel the same way you do. It is okay, they can read and from their opinion. You can disagree, you can share your opinion, but to shame people. It disgusts me and makes me sad.

I joined this community because the people I talked to were always so nice and supportive. To see that alther so drastically makes me sick. I see everyone being so cruel, it frustrates me. There are better ways to handle having different views. You can discuss logically without shaming people. For a community that is all about forming different opinions, y’all can be pretty close minded sometimes.

So please, let’s try and let people for their own opinions, let’s not shame, and let’s try and be more understanding.


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