Mara Dyer Trilogy

Mara Dyer Trilogy Review

I know these books are a couple years old, but I want to work on writing reviews more and I would really appreciate your feedback! The Mara Dyer Trilogy was a perfect start to the year for me. I read each book in two days or less; completely devouring the series in under a week. This trilogy has quickly become one of my favorite young adult series. So, here is the first ever review on my blog.


Mara cannot remember anything about the night her friends died. All she knows is what she’s been told: they went to an abandoned asylum, the building collapsed, and only Mara survived.

Two months later, Mara is eager to move forward with her life in a new town, but that’s easier said than done. A boy at school named Noah Shaw seems to know more about Mara’s tragic past than she does. And to make matters worse, Mara is beginning to see people and things that can’t possibly be there. Or can they?

When Mara goes searching for answers, she discovers a secret about herself that is most unbecoming. A secret that promises a future full of destruction, pain, love, evolution, and ultimately, retribution. (Via. Goodreads)

My Review

🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars

I found the Mara Dyer books to be unique in the world of young adult literature, which was a refreshing surprise considering how many overused cliques you come across reading young adult books. I am especially fond of how the series addresses Mara’s illness throughout the trilogy. Though many of Mara’s problems can be chalked up to her genetic mutation and experimentation, it is true that she is mentally ill. This series never glorifies or makes Mara’s mental illness  out to be glamorous in any way. Michelle Hodkin writes her character’s mental illness to portray the real life truth of these mental problems. We get to read about Mara suffering through weight loss, ptsd, delusions, night terrors, and paranoia; and never are these illnesses used to make Mara look like some sort of tragically ill beauty. The books depicted the nasty parts of mental illness and how Mara’s family is affected as well.

We see this trend continued in Noah Shaw’s character. The books address Noah’s own mental illness more than once throughout the series and never once is it made out to be a glamorous trait. We see the dark, gritty reality of these illnesses, the truth of the way they affect loved ones. During the series Noah battles with suicidal tendencies and it is mentioned that he has abused drugs in the past. Most of this development takes place in the final book of the trilogy and really builds Noah as a character.

The way this series addresses mental illness was a selling point for me on its own. I was thrilled to discover a series that depicted mental illness so well. Throw in the elements of supernatural powers, steamy love, and hidden secrets that are centuries old and you have a series that has you devouring book after book. The air of mystery surrounding Mara’s past had me flipping through pages almost faster than I could read them. There is a constant air of suspense that leaves you wanting more once you finish a book. The characters are bold, each one made an impression on me. The friendship and bonds they form make the books even better. Mara and her friends support each other so beautifully through their journey. It really made these characters come to life for me.

I highly recommend this series. I devoured this trilogy with its fast paced, nonstop suspense and action.



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